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The Original Civitella Casanova Arrosticini

Executive Chef and Manager of Mattei Family Pizza, Mariano Mattei's Mother and Father come from two regions of Italy.  His Father, Angelo Mattei, from Monteroduni in Molise Italy.  This is where the dough, sauce and many ingredient choices and recipes stem from.  Angelo also hand built the wood fired brick oven!

Mariano's Mother, Rachel Tocco Mattei, comes from Civitella Casanova in Abruzzo Italy.  This is where many of the recipe influences come from as well. Mariano took his culinary lessons from Algisa Tocco - otherwise known as Gilda Tocco.  She is lovingly called Gigi by her grand and great grand children.

See for some fantastic recipes!

It is said that in the 1930s two shepherds living in the Abruzzo region, with the intent to not waste the small pieces of sheep meat left over from their
work, put the pieces on a long thin stick of wood. They then took a  piece of roof gutter from a nearby old building, placed some charcoal in it  and started a fire to  cook the meat. The first name given to this meal was in dialect “rustelle” which means “little roasts”; later they were called “arrosticini.”

Civitella Casanova is the birthplace - as legend has it - of Arrosticini.  This is what we serve at Mattei Family Pizza.  We call them "Cinies”.

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